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Portfolio composition

Target distribution of segments

At year-end 2018, the target distribution for the different segments are shown in the figures below.

Target distribution of segments

Current portfolio composition

In 2015, two objects were added to the portfolio, Hildebrand in Haarlem and Van 't Hofflaan in Amsterdam. Five more investment proposals were approved (Aliantus Oud Seyst in Zeist, Martha Flora Parkzicht in Haarlem, Domus Magnus Maliebaan in Utrecht and Domus Magnus Den Bosch, and finally Ingenhouszhof part B in Amsterdam). Although the latter is intramural, the projects are in the segment Premium Assisted Living, thereby creating an imbalance with respect to the target distribution.

Current composition of the portfolio


Bouwinvest considers investments in sustainability from a business perspective. Energy-efficiency measures improve the competitive position of the Fund’s healthcare properties and add value for our stakeholders, both investors and tenants. However, Bouwinvest’s sustainability strategy extends beyond energy use to the social aspects of sustainability, such as investments to upgrade local healthcare amenities and facilities, helping to create a pleasant environment where people can stay, meet and have access to the healthcare services they need, with attractive common areas where people can meet and loneliness is less of an issue.

We build value by addressing those issues that are important and relevant to our stakeholders, both investors (such as risk, returns, governance, stability and transparency) and tenants and their clients (such as comfort, energy use, materials and indoor climate). We engage both stakeholder groups in constructive dialogue, and also measure our sustainability performance using KPIs and report this performance in the CSR section of the Fund’s annual report. As a concrete measure, the Fund strives to improve sustainability drastically where it relates to re-development projects, and for new-built projects, we aim at the level of BREAAM Very Good. However, we do not apply for the label itself, due to cost consideration. To achieve our sustainability targets, there is a very clear set of sustainability requirements for both redevelopments and new-build projects. Our basis is to take a pro-active approach to sustainability and the standards we set are frequently higher than regulatory requirements.

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